How amazing that some countries are available for traveling again! But what if you decide to spend your summer in our beautiful Amsterdam? With the re-opening of the outdoor patio’s that’s also a great idea if you ask me! Sunny spots along the canals, cold homemade cocktails and cultural taste explosions.

Already got that holiday feeling? Of course everybody want’s to find the best place to chill… That’s why I went on a terrace hunt in Amsterdam to find the whereabouts which feel like a summer holiday (in random order). Sit down, take a sip of your wine and enjoy the sunshine.


Want to taste and feel the regional traditions of Algeria? Try Rainarai and you come pretty close! It’s like a local marketplace with vegetables and herbs. They even have carpets all the way from North Africa. Wander around their terrace – which feels like a vineyard – and choose the sunniest spot. An oyster lover? Try them with spring onions and red pepper. The tajine main courses are my favorites. For a starter try the nomadic bread with aioli and hummus, it is SO good.

Westerpark Polonceau-kade 40


This is the best sunny patio if you crave a pizza with the original Italian bite and flavours. With their wood-oven fireplace they make the best ones in Amsterdam. In for some spiciness? Grab the pizza with chili peppers. The pizza of the month is always a very unique specialty: my favorite until now is the one with salmon and a soft boiled egg on top. It’s both a good and a bad thing that this restaurant is very close to my house, almost wanna hop on the terrace every moment the sun comes out. Don’t have to work tomorrow? Go for their homemade Limoncello! Be careful, you might wanna drink one too many. #OOPS

Mercatorstraat 171


Walk right into the fairytale: ‘Hansel and Gretel’. They make their own sangria and have the most addictive Piri Piri Gamba’s. Make sure your date takes a bite of this as well, the garlic is real (and I love it). If you want to make a photo-genetic picture their red/white awnings are a must for your shot – too cute. Feel like sightseeing? This patio is close to the famous ‘Rijksmuseum’. Hans en Grietje is a typical Dutch café/restaurant, but on a sunny day with a scroppino in your hand it might feel far more South!

Spiegelgracht 27


When the terraces re-opened again this was the first spot we picked! They have a huge open terrace -the place to be for sunshine lovers. The first sip of beer – brought by a waiter – was amazing! We started with a ‘bitterbal’ (a dutch speciality) on the side. It’s also a good place to pick when the weather is not that great, they have big umbrellas and heaters. The burgers are good and if you like a chick, you must go for the Korean Fried Chicken, a better version of the well known KFC. Something to celebrate? Their prosecco is mmm, you can see how much I enjoyed it on the image below. Now don’t be jealous. #SORRYNOTSORRY

Mercatorplein 2B


In for some Surinam vibes? Go take a seat here alongside the water (It’s in the name). The roti rolls are amazing and they have a wide range of draft and bottled beers. Oh what a feeling – you can also come by boat and park alongside the patio. Don’t own a ship? Watch them go by while catching some sun. For the fans of a sweet bite: you must try the Baka Bana!

Marnixstraat 246


Attention to all sushi lovers who are also fond of cocktails: this is your hotspot. No clouds in sight? This terrace has a lot of fancy sunny spots to chill-out! Their cocktail list is amazing, but you can also ask a variation. The cocktail waiter managed to create a perfect Mojito with my favorite ingredients: chilies and coconut. Think outside the box! Ask them for a spicy mojito, and who knows… maybe they remembered. I come back for it this summer for sure! Feeling lucky? The casino is right next to this venue. #WINNERWINNERCHICKENDINNER

Max Euweplein 64


I love this terrace because it’s along the water of the ‘IJ’ in Amsterdam. You should try the duck breast or the Côte de Boeuf to share. The ambiance is spectacular, they even have a car wreck implemented in their exterior. Start with a nice wine from their list and float into a lovely diner. The fish of the day… what a catch! Once you’ve got a spot here you never wan’t to leave. When you come home after visiting Meneer Nieges you feel as relaxed as if you have been on a holiday.

Westerdoksdijk 40H


A new spot in Amsterdam West along the canals. It felt like we were in Venice on a bright day with the boats coming by. They have a great list of beers to try! It’s a good place for a drink and a snack, time flies once you’ve entered this deck. Luckily the restaurant opening hours can be stretched until 20:00 from now on! I would recommend the crispy fries and a beer called ‘LEKKER MET JE BEK IN HET ZONNETJE’, which means: ‘YUMMY WITH YOUR SNOUT IN THE SUN’ #makethatthecatwise

Jan Evertsenstraat 41


Walk in and be blown away by the Latin American scenery: candlelights and roses. It is known for it’s empanada’s, ceviche and ‘lechon’ – which is an 8 hours roasted suckling pig. Such a delicacy! Argentina is not far away, feel the authentic vibes on their patio. Dress like you are going to dance the tango! Ate a bit too much? Let the food digest by taking a walk afterwards through one of the sweetest areas in Amsterdam: ‘de Jordaan’. It’s a vacation itself.

Rozengracht 106


This lovely spot in ‘De Pijp’ makes you feel like you are along the coast of Spain. For tapas and a nice cold drink it’s the place to be! You feel very welcome because of the staff and environment. This terrace is maybe the most cozy of them all, covered by palms you can sit down on the sweetest pillows. A cloudy day? The heaters over here make you feel like you are sunbathing on the beach #HOTHOT! Must try the duck with wakame and wasabi mayonaise – Olé!

Gerard Douplein 14

Fancy a drink at your own garden or patio? Hooghoudt has the most tropical cocktail idea’s to try on a sunny day. Check it out here.

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