Looking for some good House Music for the evening to begin? Or feeling like listening to some Soulful tunes during dinner? Maybe you need some Techno-grooves for your rooftop party? Partycast.tv has it all. With their music sets they turn every room into a festive location. In times of COVID19 the best Livestream organizations popped up – the party won’t stop!


Partycast.tv was founded a year ago by Sylvion, a DJ who wanted to find out more about the Livestream technique – and with succes! Because of his infectious enthusiasm he created an amazing team in no time. All members had something to do with the music industry before Corona happened and were trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one. They wanted to help this industry in every possible way. Meet Jerry (Creative Director & DJ), Nicky (Planning Management & DJ), Rob (Musical Director) and Nadia (Production Manager). They do everything with their love for music, no profit is made.


On their platform you will find performances by artists, DJ sets, interviews, documentaries, music videos, lifestyle, fashion-shows and other exclusive content to enjoy every moment.

Don’t just come here for the best sounds! Partycast.tv also has some great shows like ‘On The Grand’, ‘Thank Rob It’s Friday’ and ‘Nicky Invites’! Find out more about their shows here.


Sylvion asked me, ‘The Hunter’, to also join their club! I immediately said yes because the team is great (they all love chicken as much as I do) and I got excited to help the entertainment and music business as well. So from now on I will hunt down the best DJ’s, interview them and party with them. Kingsday 2021 was my first Partycast.tv moment! I crowned my favorite DJ’s for the birthday of the king, decorated the whole location in his favorite color (orange) and made sure everybody could join the party in a Corona Proof way: by Livestream. Missed it? Then I have a nice surprise for you… From next week on the ‘EK’ will begin, and therefore we decided to stream some EK Orange Motivation once again!


For upcoming Friday I picked the set of DJ Bonita – don’t forget your orange outfit! (and loosen up those hips) Tune in 04-06-2021 – 21:00 @ Partycast.tv, got excited? This Saturday you can listen to a Disco House-set as well with the incredible Dave Hipke. Next Friday the one and only DJSylvion will be hitting the best tunes for the ‘EK’. You can’t miss this.

Enjoy the party!


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